@inbook { , title = {Word grammar}, booktitle = {The last phonological rule}, year = {1993}, note = {Asks questions about the cognitive reality of phonological rules - questions the competence/performance distinction in light of connectionism. "neural processes occur in real time. Phonological derivations do not occur in real time, but in some 'abstract time' that cannot be put in correspondence with real time." (p. 117)"there is something wrong with the foundations of generative phonology, [and] all those orderings and cycles and principles are the products of a mistaken theory." (p. 117)Suggests an alternative to simplify phonology in litght of connectionism and the workings of the brain"On thing that connectionist models do naturally is characterize cross-dimensional correlations. Those of us working in cognitive grammar have found that really complex syntax (of the 'non-core' variety, which is most of syntax) becomes tractable if it formulated in terms of direct correlations--called }, pages = {117-146}, publisher = {University of Chicago Press}, address = {Chicago; London}, keywords = {Cognitive Linguistics}, author = {Lakoff, George} editor = {Goldsmith, John}, }