@inbook { , title = {Cognitive exploration of language and linguistics}, booktitle = {The analogical mind: perspectives from cognitive science}, year = {2001}, note = {"surprisingly little is known about how metaphors are psychologically processed" p. 199Metaphor can be modeled as inter-domain mappings for novel but not for conventional metaphors which can be better captured by models from analogy.They propose a theory 'the career of metaphor'"how metaphoric representation changes as a metaphor evolves from novel to conventional."Describe types of theories: localist vs. domain-mapping (incl. some problems with Lakoff's strong invariance claims)Possibilities of domain mapping:-projective mapping (creates new meaning)-structural parallelism (metaphors reflect parallel semantic domain)-cognitive archeology (systematic metaphors are mapped as large-scale conceptual systems)-local lexical relations (simple polysemies adn homphonies) <-- weakest theory}, pages = {199-253}, publisher = {MIT Press}, address = {Cambridge, Mass.; London}, keywords = {Cognitive Linguistics}, author = {Gentner, Dedre and Bowdle, Brian F. and Wolff, Phillip and Boronat, Consuelo} editor = {Gentner, Dedre and Holyoak, Keith J. and Kokinov, Boicho N.}, }